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Where three buckets of other paints are used, Ours does it with one.

Intercontinental Washable Matt Emulsion

This paint is versatile, offering water resistance, weather protection, anti-sealant, anti-fungi properties for use on both screeded and non-screeded walls. It provides a glossy finish for interior and exterior surfaces and is easy to wash.

Intercontinental Matt Emulsion

This is an absolute classic finish for exterior and interior walls and ceiling, It is eco-friendly, non-washable and self-priming.

Intercontinental Satin

Our Satin product is built with the finest materials through the defined technical process producing the best quality classic finish for interior walls. This product actually retains its pearl-like sheen when dry. It's a durable paint with a smooth, velvety texture.

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“I would highly recommend everyone to use Intercontinental Paint. This is the best paint product in the market.”
Mr. John (Client, Benin)
“Wow! The product is very good and reliable. It spreads very well, and I really love the outcome of the coverage of the paint.”
Taiwo (Painter, Lagos)
“Highly recommended! I love your product. The coverage was wonderful and the paint was enough.”
Abdul (Painter, Benin)